Kitchen Stories is a startup-style company based in Berlin that provides cooking apps for multiple platforms. I built and structured an SEO-optimized website from the ground up. A Node.js proxy server consumes a REST API and delivers template-based views with included javascript modules made with Vue.js.

  • Worked in a cross-functional, agile team with product owners, designers and testers
  • Building single-page applications and over 100 custom UI components with Vue.js and Vuex
  • Steady performance optimizations
  • Steady SEO optimizations
  • Providing NPM modules for cross-platform compliant use
  • Released open source software "vue-gallery-slideshow"

Web | 2016 | AJNS New Media GmbH

  • es6
  • javascript
  • docker
  • node.js
  • web
  • vue.js
  • webpack
  • aws
  • responsive
  • bem
  • html5
  • sass
  • rollup.js
  • objective-c
  • i18n